Aeromag 2
Acquisition, processing, and interpretation of airborne magnetic data to identify and understand the geological features associated with potential mineral resources. The process utilizes state-of-the-art optically pumped cesium and helium magnetometers, which are considered the current industry standard for high-precision magnetic field measurements.
Borehole drilling
Groundwater exploration aims to identify potential sources of water beneath the Earth’s surface. Before initiating borehole drilling, various techniques such as geophysical surveys, geological mapping, and hydrological studies are conducted to assess the subsurface characteristics and determine the most promising locations for drilling.
Abem Ter
As an organization dedicated to the field of mineral exploration, We conduct searches for mineral and metal deposits,  with commercially viable concentrations and quantities using professional data sampling and data analysis equipment and technics.   Our primary objective is to identify and assess potential resources that can be economically extracted and utilized.
drilling surface
An essential process in mining operations, particularly in the extraction of mineral resources from the Earth’s crust. These techniques involve the precise drilling of holes into the rock and the controlled detonation of explosives to fragment and loosen the ore-bearing material for subsequent extraction.
Core Drilling
A crucial step undertaken as part of confirmatory measures following electronic data sampling and analysis. It involves the extraction of cylindrical samples from the Earth’s subsurface using a specialized drilling technique. This process is employed to gain accurate and reliable information about the composition, structure, and properties of the subsurface materials.
Teamwork of business man contractor working meeting in the office construction site on their architect project.
In the geological mining industry, our organization takes on general contracts, assuming responsibility for various contractual activities and obligations. These contracts encompass a wide range of tasks and services associated with the exploration, extraction, and management of mineral resources from the Earth’s crust.